Point n Paint Painting Roller Tray Pads Sponge Set Kit Household Room Wall Brush Tools


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Forget messy paint rollers, Point n Paint is the quicker, easier, more precise way to paint any room fast. Point n Paint uses a special non-drop applicator and dual layer nylon bristle pads which allow it to hold more than 5 times the paint of a roller and will give you a smoother finish. You’ll be able to decorate an entire room in less than an hour, and because there are no drips, you’ll be able to paint the ceiling too.

Point n Paint is perfectly designed for getting into corners and around awkward fittings. You can paint right up against windows, door frames and fixtures without risking any mistakes. Point n Paint comes with both large and small painting pads, so you can decorate big surfaces and small, intricate areas, swiftly and easily.

Set Includes:

  • 1 x Large base
  • 1 x Mini base
  • 1 x Paint tray
  • 1 x Large pad
  • 1 x Small pad
  • 1 x Pole adaptor

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Point N Paint makes painting easier than ever before. It holds 5X more paint than a conventional roller head and the same pad works great on any surface, textured or smooth. With its revolutionary no drip design, Point N Paint keeps the paint off the floors and on the walls with professional results every time! No more up and down ladders Includes Large Painter and Mini Painter No Spill Paint Tray 2 Paint Pads


  • Glide along moldings, zip around corners, paint circles around fixtures!
  • Paint an entire room in less than one hour
  • Get perfect results every time
  • No more paint prepping, runs or brush strokes
  • Decorating Pad which gets into corners
  • No Need for Masking Woodwork
  • Paint an Entire Room in Less Than an Hour
  • Paint Pads hold up to 8x more paint


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