1200W Handle Hot/Cold Air Electric Hair Dryer Household Travel Quick Dry Hair


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Gemei Hair Dryer is a powerful combination of design, performance and desirable results that offers both effective 1200W cool shot hair drying and easy-to-use lightweight handling. Get sleek salon-like hair at home with Gemei’s compact hair dryer that features two heat settings offering maximum control and frizz-free results. 1200W cool shot hair drying Three temperature settings Two speed settings Air intake filter Air inlet removable strainer that can be disassembled for easy cleaning Prevents hair blocking Equipped with a hanging loop and styling nozzle





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1: Even if the product is only put down for a while, the power switch must be turned off; the power supply voltage of this product is 220V, 50Hz;
2: The hair dryer shall not be used in a gas atmosphere;
3: Please clean the front and rear air outlets regularly to ensure smooth ventilation; (It is strictly forbidden to block all air outlets or air inlets during use, and it is strictly forbidden to close the air inlets)
4: Do not let children touch this product;
5: Do not use in the vicinity of woven bags, paper or other flammable materials, otherwise it will easily lead to fire;
6: If the power cord is damaged or faulty, it must be repaired and replaced by professional technicians; do not pull the power cord hard, if it is found that the power cord is damaged, stop using it immediately (the power cord is damaged or faulty, the power supply voltage of the machine is unstable, easy product Electric shock will be hidden)
7: When using the hair dryer, please check whether the local voltage is in accordance with the hair dryer, in order to connect to the power supply; (the national standard voltage is 220 volts AC voltage, if the voltage is unstable, too low or too high, this product is not recommended)
8: Avoid excessive collision of hair dryer (because the collision of the internal parts causes the internal parts to fall off, stick to the heating core, it will inevitably cause serious odor, the heating core is seriously red. The machine is short-circuited)
9: The hair dryer is strictly prohibited from immersing in water; the hair dryer is forbidden to be used in the bathroom (the danger of moisture on the product is mainly manifested in: moisture can penetrate the inside of the machine through the gap of the outer casing and the like, resulting in internal parts moisture absorption. In the heating core and Water vapor is formed in the heating process of the motor process. Due to the release of water vapor pressure, the metal of the internal parts is oxidized or soldered, resulting in product failure. If the motor has a defective solder joint, the heater core is heated for a long time, causing damage to the overheat protection capacitor. Therefore, the phenomenon of slow self-ignition of the machine occurs)


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